About Sons of 1776

Sons of 1776 is a patriotic American publication run by proud U.S. citizens who value ethical journalism. In the 21st century, true journalism is a rare thing. Fake news and clickbait headlines run rampant, with mainstream media spreading libelous slander and misinformation.

Here at Sons of 1776, we strive to cut through the dishonesty and deliver the truth straight to you, our readers. We scour headlines on a regular basis to find the honest stories buried deep in the biased reports of the mainstream. Our team works tirelessly to bring truth to the surface, then deliver that truth to you.

This publication is rooted in integrity, and we’re determined to sidestep the bias of traditional media. While we’ll focus on bringing you news from a conservative perspective, we also promise to report fairly. Our stories are written with honesty, and we’ll always deliver truth to you so you can decide where you stand on important current issues.

Conservative voices must fight to be heard today. With censorship on the rise, it’s more important than ever to defend our stance, our right to express it, and our right to a free press. We’ll always defend the Constitutional rights handed down by our Founding Fathers; and we’ll protect your right to exercise freedom of speech.

At Sons of 1776, we value the time you invest in our publication. Whether you’re on the go or enjoying a cup of coffee as you catch up on the news, we’ll be here for you. Our stories are easy to access and even easier to understand, and we will always examine the headlines from all angles before bringing them to you. We are here for you!

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